Mobility and flexibility

The object is to keep body mobility or even increase it. Beyond this, stretching helps maintain muscle elasticity and contributes to a healthy posture. It prepares the body to respond to the demands made on it by movement. The exercises are done in a slow, controlled fashion. Stretching may be included in certain other training techniques (Pilates, martial arts, dance, yoga, psychomotor, sports, etc.).

After assessing you, your personal trainer will help you with stretching exercises and techniques that best suit your body. Some muscles might need to be strengthened while others might need lengthening. To be functional or to better move, our body needs to have balanced strength and flexibility.

“Stretch, breathe, learn to move better, become flexible... and experience the other very physical joys that are so good for your mind and whose repetitions maximize fitness, well-being and stamina.”


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    The focus varies from increasing flexibility and balance to enhancing coordination.


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