« 10 sessions, feel the difference, 20, see the difference, 30, have a whole new body. » (Joseph Pilates)

Pilates, created by Joseph Pilates is a mind-body discipline that combines core stabilization and peripheral mobility training to enhance the way the body functions. Combined with recent exercise science, this approach is a recipe for success for a number of reasons: Pilates develops body awareness, promotes effective breathing patterns and inner focus, builds core strength, restores natural posture, improves balance, increases strength and flexibility. In Studio21, you find the full repertoire of Pilates exercises and equipment.

We offer 55 minutes sessions :

- Private and semiprivate equipment training :
(Cadillac, Reformer, Arc barrel, Step barrel, Ladder barrel, Wunda Chair), standing Pilates and mat.

- Mat based small group classes (4 to 8 persons) and small equipment :
(Swiss balls, bands, resistance rings, toning balls, foam rollers, soft balls etc.)


  • Sports nutrition & lifestyle coaching

    A light, balanced diet can only influence your mood and behavior

  • Conditioning for Golf

    The focus varies from increasing flexibility and balance to enhancing coordination.


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  • Tribute a Joseph Pilates