Functional strength

An evolution

Strength training exercises can be performed by isolation of a certain muscle or muscle group (for example on traditional strength training machines), or in a more evolved way that allows you to work in multi-directions or multi plan and involve different muscles groups and motor patterns. They can be either static or dynamic exercises. The dynamic exercises rely on movement and are functional. They help us function better in our daily lives.

For greater results and to better individualize your programme, we will first identify the physical imbalances or weaknesses and correct them with specific exercises.

«Functional training (integrated exercise) will only be effective if the weak links are first identified and eliminated to prevent compensatory patterns». (Greg Roskopf, MA)

We offer a variety of equipment options ranging from “wall Kinesis,” traditional free weights, last generation Power Plate, TRX suspension training (a revolution in functional training).


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    The focus varies from increasing flexibility and balance to enhancing coordination.


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