Sports nutrition & lifestyle coaching

Healthy food for a healthy body.

A light, balanced diet can only influence your mood and behavior in a positive way. You learn to value quality over quantity. Eating habits are established at a very young age, which makes it impossible to transform lifelong eating habits in a day. It is possible, however, to let go of them one by one. Gradually, your tastes change and your taste buds know how to detect the subtle richness in food that is more natural. Your sense of taste heightens and you take pleasure from eating healthy and varied products without forcing yourself to do so. Gradually, You will feel better with your body. Physical activity is very enjoyable when the body receives daily the food that is good for it.

“Physical activities offer us the opportunity to effect changes in our bodies and minds and these changes also add to our quality of life and improve our emotional state, but it takes at least 21 months to change our habits” (Carine Bestenheider)


  • Sports nutrition & lifestyle coaching

    A light, balanced diet can only influence your mood and behavior

  • Conditioning for Golf

    The focus varies from increasing flexibility and balance to enhancing coordination.


  • Carine Bestenheider personal trainer and owner of Studio21

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