Cardio training

Indoors & outdoors

After a cardiovascular assessment, we teach you how to train effectively and safely on the treadmill, cross trainer, spinning bike and help you use the heart monitor. Your program is implemented gradually to put you in your best shape ever.

If you want to run a marathon or participate in a mountain race, we prepare you for the challenge with an individualized training plan that we establish for you, taking into account your level of performance and the date of the event.

Accompanied by your trainer, discover the many outdoor training possibilities in the beautiful Valais Alps. (We can initiate you in Nordic walking, ski touring, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, running, power walking, fitness trail, inline roller-skating, mountain biking, etc.).


  • Sports nutrition & lifestyle coaching

    A light, balanced diet can only influence your mood and behavior

  • Conditioning for Golf

    The focus varies from increasing flexibility and balance to enhancing coordination.


  • Joseph Pilates - soigner les maux de la vie moderne

  • Tribute a Joseph Pilates