A new Mind-Body movement class. The focus is mobility and stability.

Stability is the ability to maintain posture and control motion. Stability can be static or dynamic.

Michael King and Veronica Ponieman, former dancers of the London School of Contemporary Dance and the Alvin Ailey Dance Company in New York taught dance, fitness and Pilates over many years. They created Spirals.

Music plays an important role within Spirals. A peaceful, tranquil atmosphere lets you connect with yourself. It helps you perform the exercises in a more efficient and conscious manner.

This program is taught over 30 countries worldwide.
You evolve in a small group setting but you receive individualized attention.
Spirals increases self-esteem and enhances body image.

Schedule on www.studio-21.ch or call +41(0) 27 480 33 00 for information.
For more information about Spirals, please go to www.spiralstheclass.com


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